You instruction and the daily dish thing in the meal consumed without the hassle of Kyoto's seasonal ingredients and ingredients at hand.
Gion home-style instruction Oribe, lovingly, to make you you, especially in dishes or meals to rich offer.

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Said flowers seven hotels where Yamato-ooji Gion Shijo-about 50 meters down the 7 restaurants and shops lined the streets.
Feel the emotion that a street is a nostalgic bucketer road. Upstairs at the end of the alley, Gion you choosing the Oribe.
We established 16 years, renewed from April of this year.
Retreat you instruction is a tavern. There is karaoke and colleagues, women, and couples will visit our variety. Food menu is also rich in daily you instruction of please request us ones, made in response to the menu of the day and your needs.
Better not drink because it's open late-night 3:00 anything else is kinda hungry I've been reduced to easy-to-visit us in person.

Store Guide

Kyoto Kyoto Higashiyama-Ku, Yamato-OJI-Dori Shijo under Le 1-town Yamato-23−1 From Hankyu Kyoto line kawaramachi station 5 minutes walk from No.1 exit walking 5 minutes
Keihan main line Gion Shijo station No.1 exit 3 min. walk

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Operating time-3:00